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Journals(Published during Service Period)
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1Md Afsar AliB.Ed.A comparative study on the drop out problem in secondary Education among Muslim community in relation to gender and economic status relation to gender and economic status Indian Journal of Applied ResearchNational5(1)469-470
2Md Afsar AliB.Ed.Needs, Problems and Remedies of Adult and Continuing Education in Rural Areas ZENITH International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research International5(2)146-152
3Md Afsar AliB.Ed.Contemporary Indian Education and Delors Commission Report ZENITH International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research International5(4)112-118
4Md Afsar AliB.Ed.A Study on Asur Community: A Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group – Its Origin, Culture and Social Status ZENITH International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research International
5Md Afsar AliB.Ed.Madrasa Sikhsa: Amader Obosthan Bishes Bisoy: Bhumiputrer Jagaran (Bengali)National111-114
6Shaunak RoycommerceKnowledge Management and Organizational Learning: Objectifying a Synergetic Liaison within the Learning Organization International Journal of Knowledge Management and PracticesInternational3(1)1-12
7ARIJIT CHAKRABORTYcommerceSynergic actions of polyphenols and cyanogens of peanut seed coat (Arachis hypogaea) on cytological, biochemical and functional changes in thyroid Indian J Exp Biol,National53(3)143-151
8Biswajit Majumdarphysics“Fabrication of Computer Assist Pencil Shaped Optical Fiber Tips for Potential Applications in Biomedical small object Imaging”,International Journal of ResearchInternational1(2)pp.83-90
9Biswajit MajumdarphysicsSimple Soft-Switched (ZCS) Boost Converter Suitable for Power Factor CorrectionInternational Conf. on Control, Instrumentation, Energy and CommunicationInternational16
10Tushar GhoshphysicsAn insight into doping mechanism in Sn-F co-doped transparent conducting ZnO films by correlating structural, electrical and optical propertiesJournal of Alloys and CompoundsInternational64656-62
11Manidipa SikdarbengaliUpendrakishorer Shishusahitye Lokbhasar ByabaharAmi AraniNational4(1)275-281
12Chaitali KunduB.Ed.Synoptic View of Teacher Education in India during British PeriodMagisNational1v
1Md Afsar AliB.Ed.A comparative study on the dropout problem in Primary Education among Muslim community in relation to gender and economic status IOSR Journal of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS)National19(12)76-78
2Md Afsar AliB.Ed.Sankhalaghuder Rajnaitik Kshomotayan (Bengali) (Political Empowerment of Minorities) Rajnaitik Kshomotayane Anograsar O SankhalaghuNational4-16
3Rammohan PalchemistryTwo efficient and green methods for synthesis of 4,4’- (arylmethylene)bis(1H- pyrazol-5-ols) without use of any catalyst or solvent Green Chemistry Letters and ReviewsInternational7(4)411-418
4Rammohan PalchemistryInduced microwave-induced synthesis of indolyl chalcones Archives of Applied Science ResearchInternational6(3)138-141
5Rammohan PalchemistryTamarind Fruit Juice as a Natural Catalyst: An Excellent Catalyst for Efficient and Green Synthesis of Bis-, Tris-, and Tetraindolyl Compounds in WaterIndian Journal of Chemistry, Sect. B,National53(6)763-768
6Rammohan PalchemistryVisible Light Induced Knoevenagel Condensation Catalyzed by Starfruit Juice of Averrhoa CarambolaInternational Journal of Organic Chemistry, International4(2)106-115
7Rammohan PalchemistryVisible light induced Knoevenagel condensation: A clean and efficient protocol using aqueous fruit extract of Tamarindus indica as catalystInternational Journal of Advanced ChemistryInternational2(1)27-33
8Rammohan PalchemistrySingle end to end Azido Bridged Adduct of a Tridentate Schiff Base Copper (II) Complex: Synthesis, Structure, Magnetism and Catalytic Studies Inorganica Chimica Acta,International409B202-207
9Dolly Sahabotany Leaf Venation Pattern of some Indian Members of RubiaceaeIJPRBSInternational3{4)160-169.
10Md Shahnawaz AlamurduAkhtarul Iman ki nazmon ka fikri-o fanni motalahDASTAVEZ National9
11Biswaranjan MandalmathematicsOn a Discrete-In-Time Order Level Inventory Model for Items with Random Deterioration-Journal of Agriculture and Life Sciences,National1(1)1-7
12Biswaranjan MandalmathematicsOptimal Inventory Management for Items with Weibull Distribution Deterioration under Alternating Demand RatesInt. National J. of Eng and Tech. Res.International2(4)359-364,
13Shaunak RoycommerceReengineering Our Vision: Breaking through the Paradoxical Crisis of Unemployability Presidency Journal of Management Thought & Research (PJMTR), National4(2)64-69
14Shaunak RoycommerceExamining the Dynamics of Whistleblowing: A Causal Approach The IUP Journal of Corporate GovernanceInternational13(2)7-26
15Shaunak RoycommerceEmbedding Corporate Social Responsibility into Competitive Sustainable Development Strategies— Insights from India Business Analyst, National35(1)97-115
16ARIJIT CHAKRABORTYcommerceAmiodarone induced oxidative stress in stress - vulnerable organs of adult male rats, Asian J Clin Pharm Res, International7(4)177-183
17ARIJIT CHAKRABORTYcommerceExcess iodine induced morphological as well as histological changes in male accessory sex organs of rats Indian J Physiol Allied SciencesNational67(3) 31-41
18Biswajit MajumdarphysicsA Single Phase SPWM Boost Inverter with High Step Up Ratio for Photovoltaic Energy ApplicationInternational Conf. on Control, Instrumentation, Energy and Communication CIEC-14International14445-447
1Md Afsar AliB.Ed.Technological Link between Mathematics & Physical Science Education SSC Publication National572-81
2Md Afsar AliB.Ed.A Study on Gender Biasness in Low Socio-Economic Group of PeopleSikshachintanNational769-76
3Md Afsar AliB.Ed.Women and Environmental SustainabilitySSC Publication National663-68
4Md Afsar AliB.Ed.Knowledge and Attitude Among Muslim Women of Different Educational Status towards Polio Journal of Education and Development National6269-274
5Md Afsar AliB.Ed.Environmental Education and Our Society SSC Publication National7359-366
6Rammohan PalchemistryExpedient and Green “One-pot” Method for Expedient and Green “One-pot” Method for Synthesis of b-Aryl-b- marcaptoketones Over Anhydrous Potassium Carbonate or Amberlyst- 15 Catalyst Journal of Chemical Sciences,International125(6) 1463-1470
7Rammohan PalchemistryAn Efficient and Green An Efficient and Green Method for Synthesis of 2,4,5-Triarylimidazoles Without Use of Any Solvent, Catalyst and Solid SurfaceOrganic Chemistry InternationaInternational5 pages
8Rammohan PalchemistryFruit Juice: A Natural, Green and Biocatalyst System in Organic SynthesisOpen Journal of Organic ChemistryNational1(4)47-56
9Rammohan PalchemistrySchmidt Reactions of E-3- Benzylidenechromanones and E-3- Benzylidenethiochromanones Journal of ChemistryNational5 pages
10Rammohan PalchemistryA convenient, rapid and eco-friendly synthesis of bis-, tris(indolyl)methanes and synthesis of tetraindolyl compounds catalyzed by tamarind juice under microwave irradiation International Journal of Chemtech ApplicationsNational2(3)26-40
11Rammohan PalchemistryNew Greener Alternative for Biocondensation of Aldehysed and Indoles Using Lemon Juice: Formation of Bis, Tris- , and Tetraindoles tetraindolyl compounds catalyzed by tamarind juice under microwave irradiation International Journal of Chemtech ApplicationsInternational3(2)136-142
12Rammohan PalchemistryRecent Progress of Ammonium Chloride as catalyst in organic synthesis, Journal of Applied ChemistryInternational4(2) 86-99
13Rammohan PalchemistryFirst Application of Fruit Juice of Citrus Limon for Facile and Green Synthesis of Bis- and Tris(indolyl)methanes in WaterChemistry JournalNational3(1)7-12
14Rammohan PalchemistryAmmonium chloride catalyzed microwave- assisted Claisen- Schmidt reaction between ketones and aldehydes under solvent-free conditions, Journal of Applied ChemistryInternational3(4)74-80
15Rammohan PalchemistryMicrowave-assisted eco- friendly synthesis of bis-, tris(indolyl)methanes and synthesis of di(bisindolyl)methanes catalyzed by fruit juice of Citrus limon under solvent-free conditions IOSR Journal of Applied ChemistryInternational3(4)1-8
16Biswaranjan MandalmathematicsAn Inventory Model for Random Deteriorating Items with a Linear Trended in Demand and Partial BackloggingResearch J. of Business Management and Accounting,International2(3)048-052
17Shaunak RoycommerceOn the Road to an Encyclopedic Schema of Ethical Management—A Concoction of Multifarious Vedantic Philosophies International Journal of Business Ethics in Developing Economies (IJBEDEInternational2 (1)51-57
18Shaunak RoycommerceShopping Malls and Kolkata’s Customers—An Attitudinal and Perceptual Revelation Interdisciplinary Journal of Management and Behavioural Sciences (IJMBSInternational2 (1)107-117
1Md Afsar AliB.Ed.UGC Sponsored Refresher Course: A Critical Review M. S. Academic, National2(1)16-20
2Md Afsar AliB.Ed.Problems of Muslim Community Education in India & Its Remedies SSC Publication National333-37
3Rammohan PalchemistryAmberlyst-15 in organic synthesisdi(bisindolyl) methanes catalyzed by fruit juice of Citrus limon under solvent-free conditions ArkivocInternational 570-609
4Rammohan PalchemistryFacile Iodine-catalyzed Michael Addition of Indoles to ,- Bis(arylmethylene)cyclo pentanones: An Efficient Synthesis of E-2-(3- Indolylphenylmethyl)-5- phenylmethylenecyclopen tanonesunder solvent- free conditionsISRN Org. Chem.International1-6
5Rammohan PalchemistryA convenient, eco-friendly and efficient method for synthesis of bis(3- indolyl)methanes “onwater Green Chem. Lett. RevInternational5(3)321-327
6Rammohan PalchemistryAn Expeditious Synthesis of cis-2- (aroylmethyl)-4- phenylthiochromans by Iodine Catalyzed Combination of Thiophenol with Cinnamylideneacetopheno nesSynlett, International23(17) 2459-2462.
7Rammohan PalchemistryAn efficient and highly diastereoselective synthesis of cis-2,4- diarylthiochromans,ArkivocInternationalix85-94
8Md Shahnawaz AlamurduRabindranath Tagore – Insane Qadron ka ShairDASTAVEZ National7
9Taradas SarkarchemistryInteraction of pseudolaric acid B with the colchicine site of tubulin. Biochem Pharmacol. International84 (4)444-450.
10Biswajit MajumdarphysicsAnalog Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) circuit for extracting maximum power from Solar PanelsProc. of Recent Trends in OptoelectronicsInternational26-27
1Rammohan PalchemistryNBS Oxidation of E-3- Benzylidenechromanones to 3-(α- Hydroxybenzyl)chromones and 3- Benzoylchromones Org. Prep. Proc. IntInternational43(5) 467-474.
2Rammohan PalchemistryIodine-catalysed conjugate addition of indole with α- cinnamylideneketones: Formation of β-(3- indolyl)-α,β-dihydro-α- cinnamylideneketones and bis(3- indolyl)methylbenzeneIndian J. Chem. Sect. BNational50(4),619-623
3Rammohan PalchemistryFacile condensation of aromatic aldehydes with chroman-4-ones and 1- thiochroman-4-ones catalysed by amberlyst- 15 under microwave irradiation condition; E-J. ChemNational8(2) 863-869
4Rammohan PalchemistryAmberlyst-15 catalysed microwave assisted cross-aldol condensation between ketones and aldehydes under solvent free conditio J. Indian Chem. SocNational 88(5) 711-717
5Rammohan Palchemistrytrans-2-Phenyl-4- thiophenoxy-3,4-dihydro- 2H-1-benzothiopyran MolbankInternational1719
6Md Shahnawaz AlamurduSADA-E-URDU(Roznama Rashtriya Sahara National
7Md Shahnawaz AlamurduPHOOL PHIR MURJHAGAYA(Roznama Rashtriya Sahara National
8Md Shahnawaz AlamurduTU BE MISAL HAI(Roznama Rashtriya Sahara National
9Biswajit MajumdarphysicsImproved Active Power Factor Correction circuit using a fully Soft- Switched Boost ConverterI.E.T. Power Electronics ( IEE Journal )International4(7)835-841
1Rammohan PalchemistryAn efficient synthesis of E-2-amino-4-aryl-8- (arylmethylene)-5,6,7,8 - tetrahydrobenzo[d]- pyrimidines anf their lower analoguesJ. Indian Chem. SocNational 87(6)711-715
2Biswaranjan MandalmathematicsAn EOQ inventory model for weibull distributed deteriorating items under ramp type demand and shortages.- OPSEARCH ,OPSEARCH ,International4(2)158-165
1Rammohan PalchemistryBase-catalysed cyclocondensation of ,- bis(arylmethylene)cyclo hexanones with thiourea: Formation of E-8- (arylmethylene)-4-aryl- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8- octahydrobenzo[d]pyrimi dine-2-thionesJ. Indian Chem. SocNational 86(4)402-405
2Taradas SarkarchemistryNew Arylthioindoles and Related Bioisosteres at the Sulfur Bridging Group. 4. Synthesis, Tubulin Polymerization, Cell Growth Inhibition, and Molecular Modeling Studies. J Med Chem.International52 (23)7512-7527
1Taradas SarkarchemistryStereoselective synthesis of 3,3-diarylacrylonitriles as tubulin polymerization inhibitors. J. Org. Chem. International73(11)4241-4244
2Taradas SarkarchemistryDesign, synthesis, and biological evaluation of thiophene analogues of chalcones. Bioorg. Med. Chem. International16(10)5367-5376
3Taradas SarkarchemistryInhibition of tubulin polymerization by select alkenyldiarylmethanes.Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.International18(2)469-473
4Taradas SarkarchemistryNovel Microtubule-Interacting Phenoxy Pyridine and Phenyl Sulfanyl Pyridine Analogues for Cancer Therapy. J Med Chem. International51(19)5953-5957.
5Taradas SarkarchemistrySynthesis and Biological Evaluation of 2-aroyl-4-phenyl-5-hydroxybenzofurans as a New Class of Antitubulin Agents. Med Chem. International 4(6)558-564
6Taradas SarkarchemistryA diaryl sulfide, sulfoxide, and sulfone bearing structural similarities to combretastatin A-4. Eur J Med Chem. International 44 (6) 2685-2688
7Taradas SarkarchemistrySynthesis and biological evaluation of 1-methyl-2- (3`,4`,5`- trimethoxybenzoyl)-3- aminoindoles as a new class of antimitotic agents and tubulin inhibitors J. Med. Chem.International51(5)1464-1468
8Taradas SarkarchemistrySynthesis and biological evaluation of 2-(3`,4`,5`- trimethoxybenzoyl)-3- N,N-dimethylamino benzo[b]furan derivatives as inhibitors of tubulin polymerization Bioorg Med Chem. International16(18)8419-8426
9Taradas SarkarchemistrySynthesis and biological evaluation of 2-amino-3-(3`,4`,5`- trimethoxybenzoyl)-6- substituted-4,5,6,7- tetrahydrothieno[2,3- c]pyridine derivatives as antimitotic agents and inhibitors of tubulin polymerizationBioorg Med Chem Lett.International18(18)5041-5045
1Rammohan PalchemistryFacile formation of bis(3- indolyl)methylarenes by iodine-catalysed reaction of indole with ,- bis(arylmethylene)- ketones and - substituted arylmethyleneketones in dry ethanol, Indian J. Chem. Sect. BNational 46(12)2056-2059
1Shampa KhasnobischemistryCharacterization of a Specific Arabinosyltransferase Activity Involved in Mycobacterial Arabinan Biosynthesis Chemistry and Biology International13(7)787-795
1Rammohan PalchemistryA convenient, rapid and eco-friendly synthesis of bis-indolylmethylarenes under microwave irradiation Indian J. Chem. Sect. BNational44(2)327-330
2Rammohan PalchemistryAmberlyst-15 catalysed acetylation of heteroaromatics with acetic anhydride under solvent free condition, Indian J. Chem. Sect. BNational44(1)198-200
1Taradas SarkarchemistryMAP2 prevents protein aggregation and facilitates reactivation of unfolded enzymes.Eur. J Biochem. International2711488-1496
2Taradas SarkarchemistryThe B-ring substituent at C-7 of colchicine and the alpha-C-terminus of tubulin communicate through the "tail-body" interaction. ProteinsInternational57(3)602-609
1Rammohan Palchemistry Efficient, selective deprotection of aromatic acetates catalysed by Amberlyst-15 or iodineTetrahedron LettersInternational, 44(29)5465-5468
2Rammohan PalchemistrySilica supported Sodium Hydrogen Sulfate and Amberlyst-15: Two Efficient Heterogeneous Catalyst for Facile Synthesis of Bis- and Tris(1H-indol-3- yl)methanes from Indoles and Carbonyl Compounds, Adv. Synth. Catal.,International 345(5)557-559
1Md Afsar AliB.Ed.A di-µ-oxomolybdenum (V) complex of 6- acetonylisoxanthopterin , undergoing oxygen atom transfer with dimethyl sulphoxide Transition Metal Chemistry, International27366-371
2Shampa KhasnobischemistryEmerging therapeutic targets in tuberculosis : postgenomic era Expert Opin. Ther Targ.ets International621-40
3Shampa KhasnobischemistryStudy of the reactions of 4-indolic 1-azadienes with a few enoic, ynoic, and azo dienophiles Synth. CommunInternational322295
4Shampa KhasnobischemistryDBU, a highly efficient reagent for the regeneration of (hetero)aryl amines from their acetamides and benzamides: Influence of solvent, temperature and microwave Synth. CommunInternational32265
1Md Afsar AliB.Ed.Functional model of oxomolybdoenzymes: Synthesis and characterization of a molybdenum complex with sulphur and pterin ligands exhibiting saturation kinetics with pyridine N-oxide Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. (Chem. Sci.),National11377-87
1Shampa KhasnobischemistryOn attempted oxidative cyclisation of isomeric N, N’- diphenylphenylenediamin es and their N, N’- dimethyl derivatives by palladium (II) acetate and UV light Synth. CommunInternational303651
2Shampa KhasnobischemistryNeat formic acid : An excellent N-formylating agent for Carbazoles, 3- alkylindoles, diphenylamines and moderately weak nucleophilic anilines Synth. CommunInternational30187


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