Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College

Minor Research Projects
sl NoInvestigatordepartmentTitleAbstractDurationFunded by
1Biswaranjan MandalmathematicsFundamentals of Perishable Inventory TheoryFundamentals of Perishable Inventory Theory05-01-2007 -- 04-01-2009UGC
2Rammohan PalchemistrySynthesis of Biologically Active Enones and Bis-, Tris- and Tetra- (indolyl)methanes Using Green Protocol01-03-2012 -- 31-03-2014UGC
3Md Afsar AlibedRate of dropout among Muslim Community in primary and secondary education in the district of Malda, WB in relation to Socio- economic Status, Gender and parental education.02-04-2012 -- 01-10-2013UGC
4Biswaranjan MandalmathematicsStochastic Behaviour in Inventory Management TheoryStochastic Behaviour in Inventory Management Theory05-02-2013 -- 04-02-2015UGC
5Md Afsar AlibedProvision of education in Asur community of Cooch Bihar and Jalpaiguri districts, West Bengal09-02-2015 -- UGC