Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College

Major Project
sl NoInvestigatordepartmentTitleAbstractDurationFunded by
1Md Afsar AliB.Ed.A Study on the Attitude of Secondary School Teachers of Malda and Murshidabad Districts, West Bengal towards Yoga Education in Schools in Relation to their Religious Belief, Gender, School Management and Mental Health01-04-2017 -- ICSSR (Indian Council of Social Science Research)

Minor Project
sl NoInvestigatordepartmentTitleAbstractDurationFunded by
2Rammohan  PalchemistrySynthesis of Biologically Active Benzimidazole and Xanthene Derivatives using Edible Fruit Juice as Catalyst in Water: A Green Approach29-08-2017 -- 28-08-2019UGC
3Md Afsar AliB.Ed.Provision of education in Asur community of Cooch Bihar and Jalpaiguri districts, West Bengal09-02-2015 -- 08-02-2017UGC
4Biswaranjan MandalmathematicsStochastic Behaviour in Inventory Management TheoryStochastic Behaviour in Inventory Management Theory05-02-2013 -- 04-02-2015UGC
5Md Afsar AliB.Ed.Rate of dropout among Muslim Community in primary and secondary education in the district of Malda, WB in relation to Socio- economic Status, Gender and parental education.02-04-2012 -- 01-10-2013UGC
6Rammohan PalchemistrySynthesis of Biologically Active Enones and Bis-, Tris- and Tetra- (indolyl)methanes Using Green Protocol01-03-2012 -- 31-03-2014UGC
7Biswaranjan MandalmathematicsFundamentals of Perishable Inventory TheoryFundamentals of Perishable Inventory Theory05-01-2007 -- 04-01-2009UGC