Notice No. Date Subject
1422017-12-17   No Classes on 18th & 20th Dec
1412017-12-17   Special Classes of 3rd Year Physics (Hons & Gen)
1402017-12-17   Registration Status of Migrating Students UG (2017-18)
1392017-12-14   Checklist for B.Com. Sem-I (CBCS) 2017 CC Candidates
1382017-12-14   B.Com. Sem-I (CBCS) Form Fill-up for CC Candidates
1372017-12-12   Checklist for B.Com. Sem-I (CBCS) 2017 Exam Form Fill-up
1362017-12-12   B.Com. Sem-I (CBCS) Form Fill-up till 18th Dec.17
1352017-12-07   Suspension of Some B.Sc.Bio Classes on 8th Dec.
1342017-12-06   Admit card distribution for B.Ed. Sem-I & Sem-III
1332017-12-05   Excursion of B.Sc. Bio. Students (1st & 2nd yr.) on 8th Dec.
1322017-11-28   The College is open on 30th Nov, Closed on 1st and 2nd Dec.
1312017-11-27   Class Suspension of Room No. 403 for B.Ed. Exam.
1302017-11-22   Articles for Bi-monthly Magazine of Physics Department
1292017-11-18   Notice for Registration Check & Block List
1282017-11-17   Suspension of B.Ed. Classes due to Sem-I Exam
1272017-11-16   Essay writting Competition by RBI
1262017-11-16   REGISTRATION CHECK LIST(2017-18)
1252017-11-16   REGISTRATION BLOCK LIST(2017-18)
1242017-11-11   Verification of Minority Scholarship Applications 2017-18
1232017-11-08   Submission of practical files of B.Ed. sem-I trainees
1222017-11-02   B.Ed. classes from 6.11.17 to 11.11.17
1212017-10-28   B.Com Classes after Mid-term & Selection Test
1202017-10-27   Revised Notice of B.Ed. Sem-III Form Fill-up and Fee Payment
1192017-10-27   Holiday on 28th Oct. due to Jagaddhatri Puja
1182017-10-24   Issue of ID Cards on 24th October
1172017-10-24   Holiday on 26th and 27th October due to Chaat Puja
1162017-10-18   Availibility of Text Book of HINDI(MIL)
1152017-09-22   Puja Vacation from 25th Sep, College reopens on 23rd Oct
1142017-09-18   Career Counselling g Programs on 21th & 22nd Sep
1132017-09-17   Classes suspended from 12.15 p.m. on 18th
1122017-09-16   Golden Jubilee 2017-18 Inaugural Program on 20th Sep
1112017-09-12   Registration Form Submission with late fine
1102017-09-09   Registration data check by 11th Sep
1092017-09-04   Extension of Registration Form submission till 9th Sept
1082017-09-01   Holiday on 2nd Sep due to Eid-ul-Zuha
1072017-08-23   Flood Relief Fund
1062017-08-21   Submission of Registration Forms(2017-18)
1052017-08-17   Kanyasree Prakalpa Meeting
1042017-08-16   Extension of Date for Registration Form Fill up for 1st year UG students(2017-18)
1032017-08-12   Independence Day Flag Hoisting Ceremony at 10.00 a.m.
1022017-08-11   College is closed on 12th August, 2017
1012017-08-08   "PRABHAT PHERI" on GOLDEN JUBILEE mark on 10th Aug from 7.30 a.m.
1002017-08-03   Notice for Gen. Subject change of 1st Year UG
992017-08-01   Registration Notice for 1st Year UG (2017-18)
982017-07-31   1st year physics(hons)special practical class
972017-07-31   Special Classes for 1st Year Chem. Hons. Examinees (2017)
962017-07-31   Notice for NSS Classes (2017-18)
952017-07-31   Trial for Football Team on 1st Aug
942017-07-29   B.Ed. Sen-I and Sem-III classes
932017-07-21   1st Yr. B.A./B.Sc. Classes on 31st July, 1st, 5th and 7th Aug.
922017-07-21   B.Com. Sem-I Classes will resume on 25th July
912017-07-19   Suspension of B.Ed. class on 20/7/17
902017-07-18   Commencement of 1st Year (UG) Classes
892017-07-05   Suspension of B.Ed. Class
882017-07-04   Special Prac. Class for 2nd year Physiology students
872017-07-03   B.Ed. Sem-I and Sem-III classes from 4th July, 2017
862017-07-03   Special practical Class for Statistics 2nd year students
852017-07-01   Special Practical Class for 2nd year ZOOLGY students
842017-07-01   College is closed today (1st July, 2017)
832017-06-30   Special Practical Class for 2nd year Botany students
822017-06-30   Attention : B.Ed. Semester-IV students
812017-06-29   Part-II Physics(Gen) special Practical Class
802017-06-29   Pre & Post Matric Scholarship for Minority Students
782017-06-08   Selection of Office Bearers of Students Union
772017-06-05   C.U. Rules for Subject Combination in B.Sc.
762017-05-28   Admit Card Block List for 1st year B.Com,2017
752017-05-23   Exam. Fee Pay-slip for B.Ed. Semester-II & Semester-IV,2017
742017-05-15   HOD Clearance of 1st Year Physics Hons.
732017-05-15   HOD Clearance of 1st Year English Hons.
722017-05-11   Holiday on 12th May due to Shab-e-Baraat
712017-05-06   B.Ed. Sem IV classes suspended on 8th & 11th May
702017-05-05   B.A./B.Sc.Part-I Exam Form Fill-up from 8th May
692017-05-05   1st Year 2nd Part Admission Fee Payment till 15th May
682017-04-26   B.Ed. Sem IV Classes from 24th April
672017-04-26   Celebration of Rabindra Jayanti on 9th May
662017-04-21   B.Com. Part-I Exam Form Correction by 22nd April
652017-04-17   B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Part-II Exam Form Fill-up extended till 19th April
642017-04-17   Special Practical class for Part-II Physics(Hons) Students
632017-04-17   1st Year Free Studentship List (2016-17) (2nd Phase)
622017-04-14   Notice for B.Ed. Sem II and Sem IV
612017-04-11   Intreview for 1st Year Freeship on 13th April (2nd Phase)
602017-04-10   B.Com Part-II Admit Card Blocked List
592017-04-10   B.Com. Part-I Form Fill-up from 12th April
582017-04-08   1st Year Free Studentship List (2016-17)
572017-04-05   Suspension of B.Ed classes on 6/4/17
562017-04-04   B.Ed. Sem-II & Sem-IV Special Class Schedule
552017-04-02   1st Year 2nd Part Admission Fee Payment till 10th April
542017-03-31   College ID Card is must to enter college from 1st April, 2017
532017-03-28   B.Com. Part-II Off-line form fill-up extended till 30th March
512017-03-20   Special Practical class for 1st year Physics(H) students
502017-03-20   Special Theory class for 1st and 2nd year Physics(H) students
492017-03-19   B.A./B.Sc.Part-II Exam Form Fill-up till 30th March
482017-03-17   2nd Year 2nd Part Admission Fee Payment till 25th March
472017-03-09   Extension of Part-III form fill up dates
462017-03-08   Excuesion for 2nd year Botany(G) students
452017-03-06   B.Com Part-II Exam Form Fill-up till 8th March, B.A./B.Sc. from 20th March
442017-03-06   Botany Seminar on 7th March from 12.00 noon
432017-03-03   Special Statistics classes for 2nd & 3rd Year
422017-03-02   2nd Year Free Studentship List 2016-17
412017-03-02   CC Admission & 2nd Part fee payment for 1st & 2nd Year till 7th March
402017-03-02   B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.Part-II Exam. Form Fill-up till 8th March
392017-02-27   B.A./B.Sc. B.Com. Part-I Supple 2016 From Fill-up till 7th March
372017-02-25   2nd year 2nd Part Admission Fee, C.C. Admission till 28th Feb.
362017-02-20   Holiday on 24th Feb, Part II ENGG & BOTG test postponed to 27th Feb.
352017-02-23   Special Practical class for Part-III Physics(Gen)
342017-02-21   2nd Notice for 2nd Year Free Student-ship
332017-02-20   B.Ed. Sem-II & Sem-IV classes resume from 20th Feb.
322017-02-17   Urgent Notice for Kanyashree 2015-16
312017-02-17   CEMG Paper II College Test in Room No. 403
302017-02-17   Part III 2017 Offline Exam Form Fill-up til 21st Feb.
292017-02-16   2nd year 2nd Part Admission Fee, C.C. Admission till 25th Feb.
282017-02-13   TALENT SUPPORT PROGRAMME, 2016-17
272017-02-11   Special Practical Class for 3rd year Chemistry(Gen)
262017-02-11   Interview Notice for 2nd year student freeship
252017-02-08   Class Suspension Notice
242017-02-06   See HoD with Guardian for HoD Clearance of Part III by 8th Feb.
232017-02-04   B.Ed. Sem-I & Sem-III Admit Card Distribution and Study Leave
222017-02-04   Special Classes for 3rd yea English(H & G)(2016-17)
212017-01-31   Saraswati Puja on 1st Feb by Students, Holidays on 1st & 2nd Feb
202017-01-28   2nd Part Admission Fee, C.C. & Casual Admission for 3rd Year extended 31st Jan
192017-01-28   Procedure & Schedule of Form Fill-up for B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Part III Exam. 2017
182017-01-24   Meeting on Kanyashree on 27th Jan.
172017-01-24   College closed from 23rd Jan. to 25th Jan., Republic Day Flag Hoisting on 26th Jan.
162017-01-19   Debate Competition on 21st Jan.
152017-01-18   2nd Part Admission Fee, C.C. & Casual Admission extended till 25th Jan.
142017-01-14   1st & 2nd Year B.Com classes resumes from 16th Jan. and B.A./B.Sc. and B.Ed.from 17th Jan.
132017-01-14   Part II Supple From Fill-up deadline extended till 16th Jan.
122017-01-11   Holiday on 12th Jan. due to "Swami Vivekananda's Birthday"
112017-01-11   Part II Supple Fee Exam Fee till 13th Jan.
102017-01-10   Notice regarding Statistics General Classes
92017-01-10   Part II Supple Exam Fee Payment till 12th Jan., Form Fill-up on 13th Jan.
82017-01-09   Part II Supple Exam Fee Payment till 12th Jan., Form Fill-up on 13th Jan.
52017-01-06   All classes except ENVS Project suspended on 7th Jan.
42017-01-06   All classes suspended from 9th Jan. to 17th Jan. due to P-III Test
22017-01-05   Notice to B.A./B.Sc. 3rd year students for ENVS Project field Work
12017-01-04   The College is closed on 5th Jan. as Rest Day for College Sports

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