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Notice No. Date Subject
442017-08-16   C.U. Part-I Chem. Hons. 2017 Practical Schedule
432017-08-11   Center and Schedule of Part-1 Physics(H)Practical
422017-07-10   Part-I (2017) Admit Card Block List
412017-07-07   Part-II Physics(Gen) Practical Exam,2017
402017-07-04   Part-II Physiology Practical Exam,2017
392017-07-03   Part-II Statistics Prac. Exam,2017
382017-07-01   Part-II ZOOLOGY Practical Exam,2017
372017-06-30   Part-II Computer Sc Practical Exam,2017
362017-06-28   Part-II (Gen.) Chemistry Practical Exam 2017
352017-06-21   Part-II Computer Science (Gen.) Practical Exam. 2017
342017-06-19   Part-II (Gen.) Chemistry Practical Exam from 4th to 7th July
332017-06-15   B.Ed. SEM-II (2016-18)Viva - Voce
322017-06-10   B.Ed. Semester-IV viva voce ,2017
312017-06-09   Distribution of Admit cards for B.Ed students(SEM-II & SEM-IV)
302017-05-19   Internal Theory for Semester-II& Semester-IV
292017-04-04   Part-II ITBG Exam Schedule (2nd Phase)
282017-04-04   Revised Part-II ITBG Exam Schedule (1st Phase)
272017-04-03   Part-III Statistics (G) Prac. Exam., 2017
262017-03-31   Schedule of B.Com Part-II ITBG Exam,2017
252017-03-31   Schedule of Part-III Computer Sc. Prac. Exam,2017
242017-03-29   Botany Part-1 Supplementary Exam,2016
232017-03-29   Detail Schedule of Part-III Chemistry(G) Prac. exam.,2017
222017-03-26   Schedule of Part-I Supplementray Exam,2016
212017-03-26   Part-III Physics(G) Practical Exam,2017
202017-03-24   Part-III Chemistry(G) Practical Exam.,2017
192017-03-18   Admit card Block List for B.Com. Part-III,2017
182017-03-08   Viva-Voce schedule of B.Com(H) Project Part-III,2017
172017-03-06   Schedule of C.U. B.Com./B.A./B.Sc. Part-III Examination 2017
162017-03-01   Seat Allotment of ENGC/MIL Exam on 3rd March
152017-02-27   B.A./B.Sc. Part-I 2017 ENGC & MIL on 3rd March
142017-02-23   Seat Allotment of CMEC/MIL Exam on 28th Feb.
132017-02-20   B.Sc.Supplementary Physics Practical Exam
122017-02-19   B.Com. Part ITBG Supple. 2016 on 1st March
112017-02-11   Revised Schedule of Comp. Lang. Group Part-I Exam 2017
102017-02-04   Distribution of B.Ed. Sem-I & Sem-III Admit Cards
92017-01-26   Revised Allotment of centers for B.Ed semester-I,2016
82017-01-21   Commencement dates of C.U. B.A/B.Sc./B.Com. Part I/II/III Exams. 2017
72017-01-20   B.Ed. 3rd Semester Examination, 2016
62017-01-20   B.Ed. 2nd Semester (Supplementary) Examination, 2016
52017-01-20   B.Ed. 1st Semester Examination, 2016
42017-01-17   Final Teaching Exam, Semester-III,2017
32017-01-17   Revised Programme for B.Ed. 1st Semester,2016
22017-01-10   University Notification for Supplementary Exam.,2016
12017-01-03   Semester-1 Viva-Voce for B.Ed. students(2016-18)

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