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Notice No. Date Subject
gen/73/15 15/10/15 Issue of ID-Cards
gen/72/15 8/10/15 Puja Vacation.
gen/71/15 5/10/15 Free Eye testing Camp
gen/70/15 3/10/15 Suspension of chemistry classes on 6/10/15.
gen/69/15 3/10/15 Notice to 1st year students
gen/68/15 31/09/15 Provisional Admission(with fine).
gen/67/15 31/09/15 C U Registration
gen/66/15 15/09/15 Suspension of classes.
gen/65/15 15/09/15 2nd Call for articles in College Magazine..
gen/64/15 10/09/15 2nd Provisional Admission Notice.
gen/63/15 10/09/15 Registration Notice.
gen/62/15 31/08/15 Distribution of College Prospectus.
gen/61/15 31/08/15 Registration Notice.
gen/60/15 27/08/15 Notice for submission of Project Subjects of 3rd year B.Com.(H) students.
gen/59/15 22/08/15 Commencement of 2nd year B.A./B.Sc. classes.
gen/58/15 19/08/15 Notice for Registration of 1st year students.
gen/57/15 13/08/15 Independence Day Celebration
gen/56/15 07/08/15 Call for articles in College Magazine.
gen/55/15 05/08/15 Suspension of classes
gen/54/15 31/07/15 Suspension of III-year Physics(H) Practical classes.
gen/53/15 25/07/15 Inauguration of B.Ed. classes(2015-16)
gen/52/15 25/07/15 Commencement of 1st year B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. classes.
gen/51/15 24/07/15 Suspension of classes
gen/50/15 24/07/15 Commencement of 3rd year B.A./B.Sc. classes.
gen/49/15 21/07/15 Distribution of B.ED. 2nd semester MARK SHEETS
gen/48/15 15/07/15 Holiday Notice
gen/47/15 08/07/15 Suspension of class
gen/46/15 02/07/15 Suspension of class
gen/45/15 02/07/15 Suspension of class
gen/44/15 15/06/15 Commencement of B Com 2nd & 3rd year Class
gen/43/15 11/05/15 Summer Recess
gen/42/15 27/04/15 Holiday Notice
gen/41/15 29/04/15 Holiday Notice
gen/40/15 27/04/15 Class Suspension Notice
gen/39/15 21/04/15 Students' Free-ship Notice for 1st year
gen/38/15 01/04/15 Admit cards for 2nd year IT Prac exam
gen/37/15 31/03/15 Holiday Notice
gen/36/15 31/03/15 Distribution of B Com Part-I exam. forms
gen/35/15 28/03/15 1st year special class for B.A. students
gen/34/15 27/03/15 B Ed class suspension Notice
gen/33/15 12/03/15 1st year class suspension Notice.
gen/32/15 27/02/15 Holiday Notice.
gen/31/15 24/02/15 2nd year Students' free-ship Notice
gen/30/15 12/02/15 Revised B Ed semester-II Routine.
gen/29/15 14/02/15 Holiday Notice
gen/28/15 12/02/15 Issue of Part-I, Part-II supplementary admit cards.
gen/27/15 12/02/15 Issue & submission of Part-II,2015 Exam Form
gen/26/15 12/02/15 Class suspension Notice
gen/24/15 09/02/15 ENVS Project Notice,2015
gen/23/15 09/02/15 Special Practical class Routine for Physics(H & G)Students
gen/22/15 20/01/15 3rd year Students' Free ship List
gen/21/15 28/01/15 Students' Free-ship notice,2015
gen/20/15 20/01/15 Holiday Notice
gen/18/15 18/01/15 2nd year(2013-14) B Com defaulter list
gen/16/15 16/01/15 Exam Form for Pt-III,2015
gen/15/15 16/01/15 Holiday Notice
gen/14/15 16/01/15 Exam Fee for Pt-III,2015
gen/13/15 14/01/15 Readmission notice
gen/12/15 15/01/15 Pt-I Supplementary Exam Form fill up
gen/11/15 14/01/15 Class suspension notice
gen/10/15 10/01/15 Class suspension notice
gen/8/15 06/01/15 Events for Annual sports-2015
gen/7/15 05/01/15 Annual sports-2015 notice
gen/6/15 06/01/15 Notice for Eng(Compulsory) & MIL marks of Part-I,2014 students
gen/5/15 02/01/15 Extension of submission date for ENVS project(B A/Bsc)
gen/4/15 02/01/15 <Holiday On 3.1.15
gen/3/15 02/01/15 Last date of admission for UG students(2014-15)
gen/2/15 01/01/15 Provisional B Ed Sem-II Routune
gen/1/15 01/01/15 List of 3rd year student freeship
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