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Department of B.Ed.

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Teaching Methods Adopted
1) Use of LED projector in classes.

2) Heuristic, scientific, Laboratories , project methods are adopted

Participation in Social outreach and extension Activities
1) Students participated in community outreach programme , visit to center of Learning, and educational tours.
2) Students participated in NSS programme, Blood donation camps, Health camps and in practice teaching in schools

Teaching Staff
1 JASODHARA BANDYOPADHYAY (H.O.D.)M.A., M.Ed.Associate Professorjbanpurohit@hotmail.com Academic
Teaching Module
2MD  AFSAR  ALIM.Sc., M.Ed., Ph.D.(Chem.), Ph.D.(Edu)Assistant Professorali.mdafsar09@gmail.com Academic
Teaching Module
3CHAITALI KUNDUM.A.,M.Ed.Assistant Professorcroy1506@gmail.com Academic
Teaching Module
4SUDHAKAR SARDARM.A., M.Ed.Assistant Professor Academic
Teaching Module
5SATYAJIT DHARAM.Sc., B.Ed.Assistant Professorsatyajitd468@gmail.com Academic
Teaching Module
6RUPA AICHM.A.,B.Ed.Approved parttime Academic
Teaching Module
7RUPA SINGHM.A., B.Ed.Approved parttime Academic
Teaching Module
8MD QUAISRUZZAMAM.Sc., M.EdApproved parttimeqzmathajcbc@gmail.com Academic
Teaching Module
Non-Teaching Staff
9GIRISH CH PARIDAB.Com, Dip. in F.A.(CMC,TATA)Clerk Academic